S.G.C. Srl was born in the early 80’ in Livorno. It was founded by a group of people determined from the very beginning to offer to its affectionate Customers the services of a global forwarder.
S.G.C. Srl is therefore able to assure any kind of train, ground , sea and air transportation, both consolidated or in containers and also complete, of any kind of goods, provided these are accepted by the standards ruling the International Transport Law.

Personalized solutions. Our Company has never wanted to offer a ready – made service, but its aim has always been to look for the best solution that the market could offer. This research has always been based on the “ case to case approach” philosophy, in order to help, advise and assist Customers in every single phase both of the goods handling and transportation. To achieve this S.G.C. has engaged itself in finding interventions focused on every specific situation.

Quality and experience. S.G.C. aims to offer new and high valued services to Import/Export Operators. Thanks to its professionalism, its experience and competence reached in all the subjects specific and related to transportation, S.G.C. can assure a continuous and accurate assistance both in the documents preparation and handling.

Network. S.G.C. can rely on the cooperation and external backing of very important partners and together they have formed a network able to offer to Customers a complete service. This 360° service includes national and international transportation themes, added logistics and goods stock, warehouse sourcing assistance and ruling, consultancy on every kind of customs operations and customs warehouses handling and finally IVA (VAT).